Fast, Reliable Payment Processing

• Processing solutions to meet every merchant’s needs

• Receive payment quickly and cost effectively

Easy Access to Support Resources

• Comprehensive Web-based reporting to help you manage your business

• 24 x 7 Customer Care

• Robust online resource library

Fully Secure Solutions

• Remove liability from your business

• Keep customer data secure

• Easily comply with PCI DSS requirements

• Supports Multiple Merchant Accounts

• CardSecure® – Mathematically irreversible “tokens” that are stored in CardConnect’s off-site vault for the ultimate in security

• Lower interchange fees – Interchange optimization ensures you get the best possible interchange rates for each and every transaction

• Web-based merchant portal – Receive alerts, view deposit reports and enjoy paperless processing at no extra charge

• 12-Hour Funding – Available on all card types, including American Express

• American Express Opt Blue – Lower pricing on all American Express transactions

• 24/7 Customer Service – CardConnect is always there to take your call

Or call CardConnect directly 877-948-9733

• Extremely Competitive Rates

• Highest level of PCI DSS Compliance

• Web-Based Reporting and Management

• Can Integrate with Existing Processor

• Integrated Solution Reduces Errors and Streamlines POS

• Supports Multiple Merchant Accounts from a Single Location

• Preferred Vendor


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Please feel free to contact your Consultant directly or call our offices at 877-346-7679, x2.


Did You Know? PCI DSS is a Requirement, NOT an Option

The credit card industry has strict security compliance requirements called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards or PCI DSS to protect against cardholder data breaches. All merchants (like you), software providers (such as our software), processors and financial institutions MUST comply.


Our secure processing solutions not only meet, but EXCEED PCI DSS requirements. This allows our salon and spa customers to easily comply and better protect their businesses against costly cardholder data compromises.


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